Cybersecurity is a burgeoning industry because just like there are bad guys, there have to be good guys. It is a field growing as technology gets more complicated than ever and don’t forget the compensation that comes with being in the field as well. With more challenges come more classes and ways to get into the field, so there are plenty of options to get teens involved with cybersecurity according to

Enroll in Hacker High School

Hacker High School consists of free lessons in the form of e-books that provides lessons specifically formulated for a younger audience to learn security skills. Some topics the lessons touch on are privacy, research, network security, and cyberbullies. Along with the e-books, there is an option to get involved with physical books, multiple languages, and support for teachers and students. So as you can see, they are going all-in with this type of education.

Cybersecurity For Beginners

The brainchild of a security company based in Denmark called Heimdal Security, this program is done entirely by e-mail every couple of days. It provides lessons in cybersecurity, including things like how to set up a security system and vocabulary lessons, along with primers on things like cyber-attacks and viruses. It is a great way to introduce anyone into the security field.

Institute for Cybersecurity Education

This is a more serious program that is not free – it costs around $1,500 – that is a legitimate school course that is used during certain periods of the day during high school. Students with free periods can take this course every day throughout the school year and is even used at IT Specialty schools that have different enrollment standards.

There are approximately one million cybersecurity jobs in the United States at the moment – not to mention increasing numbers around the world. There is plenty of evidence that momentum is only growing and more classes are being opened up to those interested in the field – not lease those with degrees in computer science, who seem to be thought of as particularly able to get jobs in the field, along with people interested in programming or engineering. The field is growing at a 36.5% rate, and the obvious proof is in all of the enhanced security measures that are being rolled out throughout the internet.