Security is essential to living comfortably. Even if the physical world seems safe, something could break through the door when everyone is out of the house. Luckily, security professionals from a leading internet security company have put together a list of their top tips to help improve tech security measures. Norton’s list includes 12 tips for how to make sure smart technology is protected against attacks.

What Is an IoT Device?

The main tools for increasing comfort around the home are also security threats. According to Norton’s article, security around the home is more vulnerable due to IoT devices. IoT devices include all the smart devices that connect to the internet (literally standing for “Internet of Things”). The smartphone, smart television, thermostat, and other appliances might seem like useful tools to have in the house, but they are open to attack by cybercriminals. All of these devices are able to connect to an internet network that exists around the house, so it is possible for a hacker to break into a home’s network in order to manipulate any of these smart devices.

Why Are Smart Devices Vulnerable?

According to Norton, smart devices are more vulnerable to attack by hackers because developers don’t put much work into protecting them against threats. Cameras and other smart devices have passwords that are easy for cybercriminals to bypass, so consumers need to make sure that they protect themselves against attack by researching these products before they make their purchases. Many of the common smart devices used by consumers have the ability to be powered off, but it’s important to make sure that they aren’t left in standby mode for hackers to exploit.

Protection From Attacks

Norton claims that the best way to protect a home from cybercriminals is to increase security surrounding the router. The router is the main way that any cybercriminal is able to enter a home. Consumers should make sure to use strong passwords for their routers, and Norton suggests using a secure router made by an independent company. In addition, consumers should create a name for their routers, and they should use a secure VPN when accessing the internet from public locations.