The fintech industry focuses on merging financial and technology services together. In essence, fintech organizations seek to adopt new ways of improving the delivery of financial services using technological advancements. They’ve played a crucial role in transitioning the industry from traditional brick-and-mortar operations to modern smart banking technologies.

Here are the 5 fintech companies to look out for this year.


Robinhood is a fintech mobile app that is meant to assist its customers to make wise investments. The company has a portfolio of commission-free stock, crypto trading services, and ETF options as well. These services are meant to give you multiple avenues to put your money to profitable use. Your Robinhood brokerage account could earn you 1.8% interest on any uninvested cash while giving you the opportunity for real-time trading, portfolio building, and investing any amount you are comfortable with.

Chime Seeks To Provide Banking Services

Chime is a fintech that takes the form of a neobank. As a direct bank that only exists online, Chime gives you the opportunity to operate savings accounts with options to make deposits. Chime has become a popular fintech as it allows its users to access their paychecks about 2 days in advance. The kind of customer service and financial discounts attributed to Chime make it an innovation that will disrupt the traditional banking sector.

Commonstock Seeks To Be Pioneer Innovator In Stocks

Commonstock is an early-stage fintech startup that seeks to explore the massive consumer base with an interest in stock market investments and trading. Just like Denmark’s Public Commonstock, the fintech aims to establish social communities that allow novice investors to communicate with experts.

Credit Karma Provides Value in Several Ways

Credit Karma has distinguished itself as the leading free credit monitoring, tax filing, savings account, and score services provider in the current world. Its celebrated nature as a no-cost service provider and its user-friendly interface make it a fintech firm to watch in 2021.

Ripple Can Be A Fintech Firm to Watch

Ripple has emerged as one of the most effective fintech organizations in easing the process of initiating international transactions for its institutional customer bases. Apart from its transparent transactions, Ripple assures its clients that they’ll access low-cost, instant, and reliable operations. Today, Ripple accounts for 10% of the cross-border financial transfers.